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Moving With Every

What a pleasure it is to accompany dan raphael as he perambulates through our stunningly beautiful world, in which “the sun is in our mind,” our “windows are covered with crows,” and a “cliff removes its shirt, each rib…a thousand years.” Put Moving with Every is a peek into the mind of one of the Pacific Northwest’s most singular voices, and a welcome reminder of all that it is possible to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell when we go “deviceless.” -Christopher Luna

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``In the tiny poem 'the autumn field crickets,' Botts’ philosophies, and themes dominate; perceived as more than a witness, in her highly original poems, which continue to beckon the reader. Botts 'took the song out of the night sky,' blending light and dark, to create a landscape, sometimes gothic and bleak; in other moments tender and personal, infused with the deft colors and sensual nuances of an impassioned poet with a future in letters ahead of her.`` - Robert Milby