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Message from the Vessel in a Dream

November 15, 2018


“How many Christopher Lunas are there? The bard, the community dynamo, the scholar, the compassionate one, the jazz quartet, the father & lover, the world of a man: all and more are speaking in this book. So many perspectives to experience here, so much to learn about literature, attitude, action and beauty. The maestro of Ghost Town has created a bustling, radiant and necessary environment.”  – Dan Raphael

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Christopher Luna

Christopher Luna is a poet, publisher, visual artist, writing coach, teacher, and editor with an MFA from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. He served as Clark County, WA’s first Poet Laureate from 2013-2017. He is the co-founder, with Toni Lumbrazo Luna, of Printed Matter Vancouver, an editing service and small press for Northwest writers. He and Lumbrazo Luna co-host Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic, the popular reading series he founded in 2004. He is also the editor of “The Work,” a monthly email newsletter featuring poetry events in Portland, Vancouver, and the Pacific Northwest. With Luna and Lumbrazo Luna as editors, Printed Matter Vancouver published two anthologies from the series, as well as debut volumes from Clark County poets Jenney Pauer (Serenity in the Brutal Garden, 2012), Tiffany Burba (Meet Me Where I Left You, 2016), and Matthew Eiford- Schroeder (Consistently East, 2018).