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The Poem Said

July 21, 2015


They say brevity is the soul of wit. To be sure, David Newell’s first poetry collection includes plenty of each: brevity, soul, and wit. The Poem Said┬ápresents nuggets of wit and wisdom from the professional wood carver and artist. As a bonus, the collection also features several visual images of the author’s many unique wood carvings.

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David Newell

David Newell was an artist and wood carver, specializing in necklaces, animal and floral figures, and ornamental garden boxes. Mytho-poetic themes and imagery were a primary focus of his work. He spent his extra time playing banjo, making one-string puppets (like Murphy the Leprechaun Lawyer), and throwing spears with an atlatl on the spear golf course he built. He reconstructed the banjos, and made the one-string puppets and atlatls himself.